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What Employers Say About Ross

I’ve known Ross for over 20 years from my role as a board member at Southern Regional Medical Center (Riverdale, GA). Ross is the kind of leader who, wherever he goes, he always has skin in the game: he’s not one of those transient leaders who’s always planning to move on. He doesn’t sit in his office. He’s always walking the halls, connecting with people at every level, and he can do that because he builds a strong operating team around him. It’s never all about Ross. I was particularly impressed by his ability to work well with physicians, to help them grow their practices in ways that made the pie bigger for everyone. He’s a devout family man who builds trust for his institution in the community. Any organization considering him as a leader would be making a mistake not to hire him!”

James (Jim) Adams
Chairman of the Board
Southern Regional Medical Center
Riverdale, GA

I’ve known Ross for 25 years dating back to working together at Emory. I respect him as a self-made man; he’s curious, a life-long learner with common sense, business savvy and emotional intelligence. He loves to build and fix things by surrounding himself with smart people he trusts.The breadth of his career experience means there are very few things in healthcare he hasn’t dealt with before. I’d recommend him without hesitation.

Edward I. Galaid, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Medical Director
Occupational Medicine Services
Roper St. Francis Healthcare
Charleston, SC

“I’ve known Ross since he first worked for me in the Emory University Healthcare System over 20 years ago. Over my career, I’ve learned that some executives are good operators but do not have a strategic mindset. Some others are great with strategy, but not effective operators. Ross is a powerful mix of both: he can look at a business, envision what it could be, articulate that vision to others, build a plan, form a team and lead the work to make that plan come alive. I’ve never met anyone quite like him in that regard. I’ve seen him do this “full spectrum” work in three different areas of the healthcare industry over the years: hospitals, physician groups and in risk-based population health. If I were looking for someone who could quickly understand the big picture, develop a step-by-step plan to get us where we wanted to go, and then successfully lead the implementation work, he’d be my top choice.”

Raymond Kusisto
Orthopedics NorthEast (“ONE”)
Ft. Wayne, IN

“Our cardiology group hired Ross in 2004 to help us grow in the competitive North Atlanta market. It was the best thing we ever did. He took us from a 4-man group to a 14-man group over 7 years and ultimately enabled us to sell to the local hospital at our peak. Ross knows how to run and grow a business and make money. Even more importantly, Ross understands physicians – – how we think, what we need to be successful, and how to motivate us to grow as a business. Our board was composed of a group of physicians, which is a tough group to manage: we are all smart and think we know more than we sometimes do – – kind of like herding cats! But because we listened to Ross’ advice, we prospered. Ross is at his best when he’s allowed to Lead – – to be the quarterback that pulls together a team and empowers people to excel. I’d be a part of his team again in a heartbeat!”

Dennis Incorvati, DO
Solaris Heart and Vascular
Atlanta, Ga

“Ross Berry joined our cardiology group as the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer in 2000. Upon assuming this role, I was struck with his superb abilities of analysis, strategic planning and process implementation. He employs sound business principles and management techniques which are amplified by his vision, creativity and ingenuity. He can elicit dedication, conviction and performance from the entire operation. He demonstrates true leadership
from the board level, through the clinical staff, administrative staff and support staff. His skill set is exceptional and places him among the finest executives I have ever known. He does what is right and uses appropriate values and judgments in all of his decision-making. In short, Ross is a pleasure to be around and a privilege to know.”

Gregory L. Simone, MD, MBA
Cardiovascular Medicine, PC
Marietta, GA

I worked with Ross when I was on the board of our hospital in 2012 and 2013 and have stayed connected with him ever since. As CEO, Ross always had a very clear grasp of the importance of serving the mutual interests of the hospital and the physicians in the community. He knew that was the best way to serve the interests of our patients. He brought very strong leadership skills to the job and he built a great team. He had a knack for being able to relate to anyone he met in the hospital and the community. He also knows how to size up new opportunities. One example is how he navigated numerous community, political and competitive interests to attract a much-needed ambulance service to the community. If you’re looking for a leader, someone who really listens and then makes a decision that he will stick to, Ross is who you’re looking for. But if you want someone to just keep the seat warm, don’t hire him because he won’t sit still!”

David (Dave) Muhlendorf
Chairman of the Board
North Alabama Medical Center
Florence, AL

“Ross worked for me when he was administrator of Shoals Hospital, Muscle Shoals, Alabama from 2010-2013, and we’ve stayed connected ever since. What I saw in Ross was a leader who is dedicated, loyal and tenacious, someone who rolls his sleeves up and takes hold of his business. He’s a big picture thinker as well as a fine operator. He knows his market, his physicians, and he relates equally well to community leaders and front-line staffers. When you boil it down, Ross Berry takes full ownership of whatever business he leads and brings solutions instead of waiting for direction.”

John Rutledge
President and CEO,
American Physician Partners,
Nashville, TN

“I first met Ross in Atlanta when I was running Regional Care, he so impressed me that I offered him a job as the CEO of a hospital we purchased in Muscle Shoals, AL in 2007. The facility was financially troubled, and Ross brought the high energy and innovative thinking needed to turn it around. The key to his success was his gift for engaging with physicians and the community. The hospital grew a lot under his leadership, and at one point had the highest patient satisfaction scores in the company. If an organization is looking for a charismatic, high energy leader, who can navigate the challenges of transformation and growth, that’s what Ross does best.”

Marty Rash
Chairman, AP2
Chairman, ReVIDA
Board Member, LifePoint
Nashville, TN

“I met Ross several years ago during our team’s investment in a venture in Alabama. We were so impressed by him that we asked him to help us do a turnaround of a risk-taking physician group in Tampa that was in trouble. He brought a steady hand to the wheel, built a team and empowered them to act, and thoughtfully analyzed the situation and presented the actionable data that we needed. A weekly cadence of short check-in calls kept us informed and is all Ross needed to get the job done, and we liked that! I believe Ross’ sweet spot is taking an existing strategy and improving it, especially if it’s a complex, multi-site enterprise that is hospital and physician facing.”

Samarth Chandra
Managing Partner
Enhanced Healthcare Partners
New York, NY

“Ross was always the person I turned to when there was a need for creativity, dependability and that “get the job done spirit.” He took on special projects enthusiastically and executed them thoroughly with a high level of care and excellence. Ross is a leader that people enjoy working with and for. He is a great team player as well as leader. His management style adapts appropriately to each situation. Ross is one of those people who you remember because as they say in the world of sports, he is an impact

Harold Brooks
Senior Vice-President
International Operations
American Red Cross

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