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With a foundation rooted in healthcare-focused initiatives, Shandon has grown to provide a diverse range of solutions.  Our expertise includes governance strategies, financial planning, interim staffing, strategic planning, fair market value testing, affiliation management, market analysis, and supply chain management. In the realm of healthcare, Shandon specializes in healthcare technology and excels in hospital and physician-based operations. By fostering unique partnerships with their clients, Shandon delivers innovative and tailored solutions to various healthcare providers, including private equity firms, healthcare systems, hospitals, physician groups, and medical education organizations. Their commitment to understanding the local communities and staying ahead in the dynamic healthcare market makes Shandon the go-to choice for reliable answers and effective solutions.

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What Employers Say About Shandon

…….If an organization is looking for a charismatic, high energy leader, who can navigate the challenges of transformation and growth, that’s
what Ross does best
……. more

Marty Rash
Chairman, AP2
Chairman, ReVIDA
Board Member, LifePoint
Nashville, TN

……he can look at a business, envision what it could be, articulate
that vision to others, build a plan, form a team and lead the work to make that plan come alive……. more

Raymond Kusito
Orthopedics NorthEast
Ft. Wayne, IN

……The breadth of his career experience means there are very few things in healthcare he hasn’t dealt with before. I’d recommend him without hesitation..……. more 

Edward I. Galaid, MD
Medical Director
Occupational Medicine Services
Roper St. Francis Healthcare
Charleston, SC