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Ray Kusisto

Ray Kusisto is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse background across multiple industries. He began his academic journey at the University of Michigan, where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with concentrations in Accounting and Computer Programming. Ray’s educational foundation equipped him with a strong understanding of these fields.

Following his undergraduate studies, Ray embarked on a successful career path that showcased his leadership and versatility. He gained valuable experience at Gerber Baby Products HQ, where he held assignments involving COBOL and Fortran programming, Internal Auditing (fraud unit), and first-level leadership roles.

Ray’s passion for knowledge and personal growth led him to pursue further education at Harvard Business School, where he earned an MBA with a concentration in Finance. In addition to his studies at Harvard, he pursued concurrent coursework at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), augmenting his skills and knowledge in business principles.

Throughout his career, Ray held significant positions at prominent organizations. He made notable contributions as part of the Disney Florida Real Estate Development Division, where he played an instrumental role in creating internal financial reporting systems for the extensive Disney community being constructed near Fort Lauderdale, known as “Weston.”

Ray’s journey continued at InterSouth Properties, where he excelled as a project manager for upscale urban apartment homes in Atlanta. His expertise and leadership were recognized when he joined the Emory University School of Medicine/The Emory Clinic, where he served as the Financial Director for the Anesthesiology Group. In this role, he oversaw financial operations across seven hospitals, demonstrating his acumen in managing complex financial matters within a healthcare setting.

With a commitment to education, Ray also held a faculty appointment as an assistant professor in the Medical School, where he shared his knowledge and expertise in evidence-based investing strategies tailored for physicians. This experience further solidified his understanding of the intersection between finance and the healthcare industry.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Ray expanded his impact by assuming the role of Executive Director for the Primary Care Group. In this capacity, he led a significant initiative to acquire and operate physician primary care practices, successfully establishing an effective network of primary care offices across the metro Atlanta area.

Ray’s exceptional abilities and leadership eventually led him to HEALTHSOUTH/Medpartners, where he served as the Group Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions. In this role, he oversaw multi-specialty teams responsible for evaluating, pricing, and negotiating the acquisition of large physician practices in various specialties. His contributions played a vital role in positioning Medpartners as a leading entity in the Physician Practice Management industry.

Ray’s career reached new heights when he assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer at Orthopaedics NorthEast (“ONE”). Under his guidance, ONE achieved regional dominance in the musculoskeletal physician practice space. Ray spearheaded initiatives to expand and operate ancillary businesses, such as in-house Physical Therapy services, MRI units, and an award-winning 10-OR ASC facility. Additionally, he played a key role in the joint ownership and management of an orthopedic specialty hospital, demonstrating his strategic vision and commitment to enhancing healthcare services.

Ray transitioned into retirement in 2022 to focus on spending more time with his family, including his wife of many years, children, and grandchildren. Alongside this, he actively participates in various community charitable activities, continuing his dedication to making a positive impact beyond his professional achievements.