Applying Ethos to Shandon Healthcare

As we wrap up our series on Ethos, it is only natural to consider how these concepts are reflected within Shandon Healthcare.

In an earlier post, Setting the Tone, we discussed how a company’s articulated ethos should ideally be a reflection of the naturally occurring values within the firm. As the Shandon Healthcare team took a moment for self-reflection, there are four main values that surfaced. We believe that these components accurately portray our collective ethos, and truly get to the heart of what Shandon Healthcare is all about.

Experienced. One of the things that our team values greatly is experience. Having served in a vast array of c-suite roles across the healthcare industry, we have a deep understanding from inside the business. We work tirelessly to utilize our own experiences as a tool to provide accurate recommendations for our clients. 

Discerning. An important lesson that we have learned from years in the industry is that no two clients, problems or communities are the same. We recognize that each project we take on is singular, and we work understand the needs of the client as an individual. Our insights and recommendations are tailored to the unique circumstances of each situation, rather than formulated from a broad template.

Service Oriented. We have talked before about what it means to serve one’s community. The Shandon Healthcare team firmly believes that the work we do to aid our clients is paid forward. We maintain a client-first approach because we know that when we put your needs above our own, you can put your community first. Partnership Focused. We strive to build strong relationships with those around us. Whether it is a client or a peer, we work hard to learn from and collaborate with the talented individuals in our industry. This is not just something we say: it is a value that is integral to the very foundation of our company. Much of our team is comprised of individuals who have worked together for decades, partnering across the industry and relying on one another for insight, wisdom and guidance.