Author: C. Ross Berry

Lessons In Leadership: Living out the Lesson

  Applying Ethos to Shandon Healthcare As we wrap up our series on Ethos, it is only natural to consider how these concepts are reflected within Shandon Healthcare. In an earlier post, Setting the Tone, we discussed how a company’s articulated ethos should ideally be a reflection of the naturally occurring values within the firm. […]

Lessons In Leadership: Setting the Tone

  How Chicken Sandwiches & Pixie Dust Can Strengthen Your Organization As we have discussed in previous Lessons In Leadership, Ethos plays a key role in the path to success. Ethos is critical to clear, effective decision making. This can apply to your own personal career development or how you serve your employees. It can […]

Lessons In Leadership: Legacy of Service

Reflections on 9/11 9/11 – undoubtedly a tragic day in American history. However, out of the tragedy has emerged a significant opportunity to celebrate our first responders and their ethos of service above self. As the day has evolved into a time of reflection and gratitude, we remember and recognize those who continuously make sacrifices […]

Lessons In Leadership: Mentorship

Imparting Waffle House Wisdom Once you have identified the employee who wants to achieve more how do you mentor them? Just like the concept of ethos, the idea of a mentor also comes from the ancient Greeks. In fact, the word “mentor” comes from the Greek epic poem, Homer’s Odyssey. Originally based off of the […]

Lessons In Leadership: Serving Your Employees

What is a leader’s responsibility to their employees? A leader should understand that there are generally three distinct types of employees, and each of these employees needs a different type of support from their leader. It is a leader’s responsibility to identify these employees and respond accordingly. The first type of employee are those who […]

Lessons In Leadership: Interviewing

So, how do you apply the concept of Ethos to a practical situation and why does it matter? Interviewing (and identifying) the right candidate for your organization is one of the most important functions as a leader. When an employee is well matched to an organization, they are more likely to find the work fulfilling […]

Lessons In Leadership: Ethos

What do Greek Philosophers have to do with your career? Originally described by Aristotle as “persuasion through character”, the word “ethos” is defined today as “the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution”. Said another way, every individual, community, or corporation has a distinct ethos, or values inherently […]

Thriving vs. Surviving

Physicians and Changing Healthcare The U.S. health care system’s ability to deliver value to customers is constrained by its fragmented structure and traditional fee-for-service payment system that fosters the individualistic practice of medicine and leads to over-utilization. ACOs are designed to remedy this. Their major thrust is to foster collaborative care and to replace the […]