Month: September 2020

Lessons In Leadership: Setting the Tone

How Chicken Sandwiches & Pixie Dust Can Strengthen Your Organization As we have discussed in previous Lessons In Leadership, Ethos plays a key role in the path to success. Ethos is critical to clear, effective decision making. This can apply to your own personal career development or how you serve your employees. It can also […]

Lessons In Leadership: Legacy of Service

Reflections on 9/11 9/11 – undoubtedly a tragic day in American history. However, out of the tragedy has emerged a significant opportunity to celebrate our first responders and their ethos of service above self. As the day has evolved into a time of reflection and gratitude, we remember and recognize those who continuously make sacrifices […]

Lessons In Leadership: Mentorship

Imparting Waffle House Wisdom Once you have identified the employee who wants to achieve more how do you mentor them? Just like the concept of ethos, the idea of a mentor also comes from the ancient Greeks. In fact, the word “mentor” comes from the Greek epic poem, Homer’s Odyssey. Originally based off of the […]